I am member of the Pi Day association for communication and promotion of mathematics at any level.

In 2016 we organised the Pi Day: a mathematical musical comedy about Archimedes’ work interspersed with scientific talks for the general public. Our event won the D’Alembert prize for mathematical dissemination awarded by the French Mathematical Society (SMF).

In 2017 we brought our celebration of mathematics around France, in Paris, Lyon and Marseille. Indeed we organised the Tournée de Pi: a mathematical musical, from Marseille to Vegas, interspersed with three talks for the general public, by different speakers for each city.

In 2018 we organised a smaller event that took place at Aix-Marseille University.

Other outreach activities

In 2017 I participated to the video J’aime les maths conceived and realised by Lê (Science4All).