Mathématicien-ne-s dont vous pourrez avoir besoin :

Matteo Acclavio: proof theory, rewriting theory.

Cesare G. Ardito: modular representation theory problem.

Livia Campo: birational geometry, and in particular on the classification of Fano 3-folds.

Joel Cohën: representation of reductive p-adic groups.

Andrea Gagna: homotopy theory, category theory and their applications to algebraic geometry and K-theory.

Alejandro Giangreco: abelian varieties over finite fields with cyclic group of rational points.

Guillaume Geoffroy: classical realizability and denotational semantics of programs.

Annamaria Iezzi: arithmetic geometry over finite fields, pure and computational number theory.

Federico Olimpieri: linear logic, lambda calculus, category theory, semantics of programming languages, type theory.

Paolo Pistone: proof-theory of second order logic (System F) and linear logic (especially proof-nets).

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